Social security: Get your payments electronically
Social security: Get your payments electronically

Social security: Get your payments electronically

By law, you are obliged to receive your social benefits electronically.

Automatic draft

This can be done by choosing direct deposit so that they go directly into your bank account.

Another option is to have benefits credited to your Direct Express Debit MasterCard account.

Social Security: What to do if someone calls you about your SSN or benefits

Registration to receive social benefits with direct payment

Direct deposit allows you to have your benefits deposited directly into the bank account you choose to use.

You must provide the SSA with the following for direct deposit

  • SSN
  • Route transit number for your bank
  • Account type you get benefits deposited on
  • bank account number

Your bank or social security can help you solve this.

I need help from SSA, how do I get it?

Direct Express and social services

This option is a prepaid debit card that you can use to use your social benefits.

You do not need a bank account for this option.

This program attaches an account to your card and makes your money available on the payment date.

You can use the card as a regular card for purchases in the store, to pay your bills or to withdraw cash.

The use of the prepaid debit card is designed to be secure, easy and convenient.

You will need a PIN for your card and it is FDIC insured. If it is lost or stolen, it will be replaced.

There are no fees for using the Direct Express card.

The benefits are paid one month later

There are some fees for other uses of a Direct Express card and social security services

  • Withdrawals at ATMs have a fee of $ 0.85
  • Cash at a Walmart Money Center costs $ 0.85
  • Paper statements have a fee of $ 0.75
  • Transferring money to a personal bank account has a $ 1.50 fee
  • Card replacements after a free once a year cost $ 4
  • Replacement of overnight passes costs USD 13.50

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