Social Security: How to keep your information secure with a ‘mySocialSecurity’ account
Social Security: How to keep your information secure with a ‘mySocialSecurity’ account

Social Security: How to keep your information secure with a ‘mySocialSecurity’ account

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The Social Security Administration has implemented a new online login system called “mySocialSecurity”, which allows you to access and perform functions that were not previously allowed online.

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With an online mySocialSecurity account, you can check your application status, configure or change direct payment information or request a replacement card for the social security system. You can take care of most of your social security business online with this new feature.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the site provides an extra layer of protection. When you create an account, it prevents someone else from possibly creating an account in your name, says the Danish Social Insurance Agency. It uses two-step authentication to verify your identity when you sign in to your account. The security measures also allow you to access your personal information securely and securely while using your online account.

Retire comfortably

You can also view your entire earnings history through your personal account – an invaluable asset in planning your retirement, as your future benefits are based on your earnings. You can see how much you would receive if you retired as a 62-, 67- or 70-year-old. The new system provides easy-to-read color-coded graphs that give account holders a clear overview of their expected benefit amounts.

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Reviewing this information is critical to identifying any errors that SSA may have made in your earnings estimates. SSA points you to the correct resource to correct any mistakes made by it for under- or over-reporting of your earnings.

The extra security and safety that the online account provides makes mySocialSecurity an easy choice, whether you are retiring soon or still have a few decades of work ahead of you.

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