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Social security pensions postponed – The Hindu

Like never before, Social Security pensions for nearly 40 lakh beneficiaries in the state have been delayed by more than two weeks this month, forcing them to pass through post offices, banks and gram panchayat offices every day, only to be told the money will be credited to their accounts this day or that.

Usually pensions are distributed personally in gram panchayat offices in villages and credited to bank and post office accounts in urban areas by the sixth of each month. But money to be paid for August has not happened so far this month. Inquiries with government officials revealed that the money was not released by the Treasury Department.

There are nearly 40 lakh patients, widows, single women, physically handicapped, poor weavers, HIV and filaria patients who received pension of 2,016 per month. Because they had no money in their hands, they found it difficult to pay for their daily needs.