Social Security recipient asks how low-income people are expected to pay rising Entergy bills

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – About a hundred people showed up for a town hall meeting with their incumbent public services commissioner. People asked a wide range of questions, from better infrastructure to surviving a steady income.

People came face to face with incumbent District 4 Public Service Commissioner Mike Francis answering their questions. He brought in an expert to help with answers, PSC Executive Secretary Brandon Frey, who happens to be a lawyer.

They heard concerns about high bills from people on fixed incomes and people who had been out of the country for two months and still had bills over $100.

Some ask: Why do customers have to pay for Entergy’s storm restoration?

Commissioner Francis explains: “Storm damage should be passed on to taxpayers, that’s the law.”

There were also concerns about how much profit Entergy makes and why they can’t improve infrastructure with underground lines instead of ugly poles.

Ryan Nugent said: “They keep sticking poles in the air. I look at poles that look terrible.”

Many people wonder if competition, as they have in some parts of Texas, would lower prices.

And others just wanted to clear the air about rumours. A lady asked Francis, “Are you a shareholder (of Entergy shares.)

Francis replied, “No!” He said he never owned any shares of Entergy.

The controversial $150 credit for low-income customers has not been discussed much, except to suggest that it won’t have much of an impact because such a small percentage of customers will be able to receive it.

In the end, the most straightforward advice came from Commissioner Mike Francis himself, who says those who have a specific problem with their account or otherwise should call his office.

Two challengers take on Francis for District 4 Commissioner. They are Keith Bodin of Ragley and Shalon Latour of Iowa.

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