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Social Security Statement: How to Get the Statement Online?

sSocial security benefits provide partial income replacement for retirees or disabled people. Employers generally send payroll and tax returns on behalf of their employees to Social Security Administration.

While most people decide to wait until they hit 70 to claim their benefits in order to maximize payments, it is possible to do so sooner, or get a Social Security statement ahead of time.

How To Get Your Social Security Statement Online

Your Social Security Statement can be viewed online at any time by opening a my Social Security account at This allows users to learn more about their future Social Security benefits and view their current earnings history.

Make sure you verify that your Social Security number is correct on the account and that your personal information and marital status are up to date. This ensures that the earnings are all correct.

For employees 60 and older without a Social Security account, your Social Security statements should be emailed to you three months before your birthday.

How to check your earnings data

You can access your Social Security earnings data if you are 18 and older by creating a MySocialSecurity account that is linked to your payment history.

To access your data, you must first log into, where you will find estimates of your retirement, disability, and survivor benefits going forward.

Errors in your account must be corrected within a little over three years or they could prevent you from getting Social Security funds.

To provide some context as to where in the US you are likely to receive the most and least amount of Social Security benefits, the list below shows the five states that are expected to receive the highest average Social Security benefits in the following year.