Some Pixels are meant to get Android 12 instead of Android 13

google pixel 6a home screen

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • Google reportedly responded after some Pixels received Android 12 instead of Android 13.
  • The company claims to have made no mistake and that this update was indeed intentional.
  • The Pixel maker says it will adjust the messages in the Android 12 update notification.

Now Google has responded to the news in a statement to: 9to5Google. The search giant explained that it was indeed planned to release an Android 12 update to some Pixel owners running an older version of Android 12. It turned out that this older release coincided with the release of Android 13.

Check out the statement below:

On August 15, Pixel devices running an old version of Android 12 received a notification about a previously released Android 12 update with bug fixes. The messaging in the notification was confusing with the timing of Android 13 and is currently being changed for clarity.

Google’s statement further emphasizes that this Android 12 update is separate from the Android 13 OTA and it may take several weeks for the new update to arrive on your device.

We’re glad to see the company tweaking the notification for this Android 12 update, as it probably could have avoided a lot of confusion in the first place. The notification originally suggested that Android 12 was a new update (complete with “Introducing Android 12” header), while there was no mention of Android 13 to come.

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