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Sonoma County opens COVID-19 boosters to anyone 18 and older

Sonoma County health officials have expanded the pool of people eligible for booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine to include all adults 18 years and older who were vaccinated more than six months ago.

County officials announced the change Monday amid a surge in coronavirus infections.

Previously, only people with an increased risk of serious illness from the coronavirus were eligible for boosters.

“We are expanding eligibility for COVID-19 boosters as we look to prevent a wave of COVID as we head into the busy holiday season,” said Dr. Sundari Mase, Sonoma County health officer, in the announcement.

Adults in Sonoma County can receive booster shots if at least six months have passed since they received a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

People who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are urged to get a booster after two months.

“We’re already seeing an increase in the number of cases, and that could bring more people into hospital, especially vulnerable people, even if they’re fully vaccinated,” Mase said. “We have emphasized that boosters are essential for individuals at higher risk, but now it has become clear that we need many more people to receive a booster dose to slow the spread of the virus.”

Health officials are urging people to get booster shots from their primary care physician or pharmacies.

The county also has several vaccine clinics. A schematic is available at

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