Sony changes default PS Store sorting amid Shovelware backlash

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As many of you will no doubt know, the PS Store has become awash with copy-and-paste games, most of which exist to dish out 60-second platinum trophies. Browsing through the New Releases section of the PS Store has consequently become a nightmare as you are inundated with multiple permutations of the exact same game.

It has become a real problem, burying more legit games. While we don’t necessarily agree with heavy-handed management, who should decide whether a game should exist or not? – we recently pointed out that Sony does have a problem in finding an adequate solution for this. We’ve suggested some clever changes to the way PS Store content is displayed.

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On PS5, the New Games section now shows recent bestsellers like Cult of the Lamb first

And earlier this week, we noticed that the company has already made an adjustment. In both the browser-based PS Store and the PS5 app, the new games ribbon is now sorted by best-selling rather than release date. This means that at the time of typing you will at least see games like Cult of the Lamb and Arcade Paradise instead of The Jumping Noodles Turbo and The pig quiz.

The key detail here is that the latest games still exist and can be found quite easily with a few clicks, but the default filter is a little more useful for the average user. Of course there is still a lot of work to be done here, but as a temporary stopgap solution, we are impressed by the speed with which Sony has adapted here.

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