Special $ 2,000 stimulus check payments are available in one state
Special $ 2,000 stimulus check payments are available in one state

Special $ 2,000 stimulus check payments are available in one state

States around the United States are still finding creative ways to give their citizens a new stimulus check, at a time when such payments will remain a state and local phenomenon in the foreseeable future.

The most recent example is the state of Maryland, which is launching a program to help low-income households with water bills. It’s through the state’s Department of Human Services’ Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, which offers up to $ 2,000 in assistance. And it focuses on households in Maryland whose drinking water and wastewater bills are 30 days or more overdue.

Low-income assistance program for domestic water

Management of this federally funded program is the Department’s Office of Home Energy Programs. Its purpose includes helping eligible households pay their water and wastewater bills and avoiding closure.

Another goal is to support reconnections of household water systems due to non-payment. And most importantly, there is only a limited amount of funding available. So as you can probably imagine, the state accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

Efforts will continue until the federal funds that support it run out. And depending on income and specific needs, applicants may qualify for the following grants, according to the state.

  • Reconnect household water / wastewater services – If household water / wastewater services have been discontinued due to overdue water bills? Grants may be available to pay the balance.
  • Prevent disconnection of domestic water / wastewater services Grants can also be used to pay all or part of the water bill. That is, the household has also been notified of pending interruption due to a previous, overdue water balance.
  • Reduce current household / wastewater overdue balance – If the household is struggling to afford the current water bills and meet other needs, the household may qualify for the temporary assistance in the form of a stimulus check in this direction.

How to apply

From the state announcement of this new “water stimulus check” – “Maryland residents can learn more about the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program at Department of Human Services website and can apply for assistance safely and conveniently online using the myMDTHINK Consumer Portal at mymdthink.maryland.gov. “

A printable paper application is also available through the Department of Human Services’ website.

Second stimulus check effort

As mentioned, the political dynamics at the federal level mean that U.S. government stimulus checks are a saga just now. Because of that, here’s a look at some of what else is happening along these lines around the United States.

These efforts go from lowering a certain tax to handing out direct stimulus check payments. In an example of the latter, Maine directs $ 850 in such payments to residents. While debating in Kentucky, meanwhile, there is a one-time stimulation discount of up to $ 500 per. citizen and $ 1,000 per. household.

In Idaho, a tax rebate comes via direct deposit or paper incentive check. It will be the largest of $ 75 or 12 percent of a person’s 2020 Idaho state taxes. A tax rebate for every Hawaii taxpayer is also under consideration. In total, it will be $ 300 if you earn less than $ 100,000, and $ 100 if you earn over $ 100,000.

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