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Spring surprise US and China with comprehensive climate action

Glasgow | China and the United States delivered a surprise at the COP26 summit, unveiling a joint statement promising “concrete and more pragmatic” cooperation on the waterfront on climate change issues.

The deal, which China’s climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua said had failed over the course of more than 30 meetings since the beginning of the year, obliges both countries to take more action “in the 2020s”.

“In terms of climate change, there is more similarity between China and the US than divergence, making it an area of ​​huge potential for our cooperation,” Mr. Xie told a news conference late Wednesday (AEDT Thursday).

New best friends… US climate envoy John Kerry with his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. AP

The deal covers clean electricity, clean coal, methane emissions, deforestation, carbon capture and storage, and joint work to implement their 2030 emissions reduction targets and implement the 2015 Paris Agreement.

But Mr. Xie reiterated that the deal was based on China’s signature principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities … and national conditions,” which has long been the escape clause for scaling its climate commitments.

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