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Stable income but higher taxes for Swiss households

An average Swiss household spends more than 14% of its gross income on housing and energy. © Keystone/Christian Beutler

The average private household in Switzerland spent about 31% of its income in 2019 on taxes, social security and health insurance premiums.

This content was published on November 23, 2021 – 6:46 PM

That is 1% more than last year, which means that the individual budget and the chances of putting money aside are slightly lower.

The latest official figures show that the average gross monthly income was CHF 9,582 ($10,301), an increase of CHF 22 from the previous year.

Net income came in at just over CHF 6,600 according to a report by the Federal Statistical OfficeExternal link published Tuesday.

An average Swiss household consists of 2.1 people. The statistics experts based their income on salaries, bonuses, pensions, social security benefits, as well as on dividends and interest.

Much of the gross income was used for the consumption of goods and services. Just over 14% went to housing and energy. Nearly 7% for food and non-alcoholic drinks and 7.4% for transport.

However, six out of ten households had below-average disposable incomes, and the lowest incomes with less than CHF 4,500 per month often spent more than their budget, according to the office.