Stephen Colbert Embarrasses Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt Over ‘Stupid’ FBI Trump Raid Theory

Stephen Colbert opened his last monologue earlier The late show goes on hiatus for the rest of the summer by completing another victory lap over the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

In particular, the host noted a new pattern in the way the former president’s biggest defenders have changed tone in recent days. “It started out as ‘nothing to see here’ and quickly became ‘everything you see was put here by the FBI,'” he said. “And all of the former president’s henchmen have swallowed the bait.”

After replaying a montage of Trump allies spreading that conspiracy on conservative media, Colbert said, “You know when you accuse someone of planting evidence before they say they even found anything? Then you know they going to find something.”

“So how did the FBI agents supposedly bring in 12 boxes of evidence?” he asked. “Ainsley Earhardt has a really stupid theory.”

The Fox & Friends co-host pointed out this week that the FBI agents arrived with backpacks and asked, “What was in those backpacks?”

“Good point, Ainsley!” replied Colbert. “Everyone knows you should search the police before they search you. That’s why I always say to TSA, ‘Wait a minute, sir, first I’m going to buy your shit.’”

Later, the host explained that “to conduct the search, the FBI had to issue a search warrant, and to take anything away, they had to give the ex-prez an itemized receipt of everything they had taken.” And while Trump could release those documents and “maybe the mystery and intrigue cleared up,” Colbert added, “he clearly doesn’t want that because as long as we don’t know anything, he’s free to say anything.”

That’s why Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday that the Justice Department had filed a motion to have those documents unsealed. “The ex-president has until tomorrow to file a lawsuit to prevent that,” Colbert said, “which would be the first time he’s ever turned down an offer of a full release.”

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