Stimulus 2022: Which States Propose Payments?
Stimulus 2022: Which States Propose Payments?

Stimulus 2022: Which States Propose Payments?

The federal government has made it clear that they are unlikely to distribute more stimulus checks.

Stimulus 2022: Which States Propose Payments?

However, some states propose their own.

Energy crisis: power outages, extreme temperatures and drought are expected this summer


California has had a budget surplus for the past two years and now they are giving some of the money back to their residents. In early 2021 and 2022, the state issued two rounds of stimulus checks.

Gov. Newsom has also announced that California will send $ 400 to each vehicle owner with a limit of two vehicles per vehicle. person. These controls are intended to help offset the high gas prices. You can find out more about it here.


Georgia residents will receive a one-time incentive in the form of tax refunds. How much you receive depends on your filing status.

  • single files – $ 250
  • household head- $ 375
  • married filing jointly – $ 500


In January 2022, Governor Ige proposed a $ 100 refund to all taxpayers and relatives. Taxpayers earning less than $ 100,000 should receive a $ 300 check and $ 100 checks for anyone earning above the threshold.


Tax rebates are in order for residents of Idaho. Either $ 75 or 12% of their 2020 tax return will be paid directly. You get the amount that is largest.


State-wide stimulus control is being proposed in Illinois. Each resident would receive $ 100 and $ 50 per person. each breadwinner in the household. The proposal will also freeze gas and grocery taxes for six months.

Food stamps: Thousands to see extra SNAP worth $ 2.8 million


Due to a state budget surplus, residents earning less than $ 100,000 will receive a one-time payment of $ 850.

New Jersey

Gov. Murphy has proposed $ 500 stimulus checks to low-wage earners. This would apply to individuals who reported their tax with a tax ID number instead of just CPR numbers. This change would mean the inclusion of undocumented immigrants. It is estimated that over 100,000 people will qualify.

New mexico

Single files earning less than $ 75,000 receive a $ 250 stimulus check from the state. Joint filers earning less than $ 150,000 will receive a $ 500 check.

New York

Gov. Hochul has proposed a $ 425- $ 970 property tax rebate for low- and middle-income households.


The Virginia legislature proposes a one-time payment of $ 300 to taxpayers.

Social security: Taxes removed in this state

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