Stimulus Check: $600 and $1,200 checks are being sent, is one of yours? – Community News
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check: $600 and $1,200 checks are being sent, is one of yours?

Some Americans will be pleasantly surprised when they check their bank accounts in a few days. Checks for $600 and $1,200 are being sent to some who don’t expect it.

A specific group receives these checks thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Farm workers and meat packers, as well as some grocery store workers, are part of a $700 million plan.

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The plan is to send financial aid to workers who were needed during the pandemic when cases were at the peak.

How many supermarket employees will receive is yet to be determined.

This check is not handled by the IRS. Government agencies, local authorities and non-profit organizations are in charge.

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The money is collected by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for payout.

“We recognize that our farm workers, meat processors and grocery workers have overcome unprecedented challenges and taken significant personal risk to ensure Americans were able to feed and support their families during the pandemic,” Vilsack said.

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