Stimulus check update: New payments coming out
Stimulus check update: New payments coming out

Stimulus check update: New payments coming out

Stimulus check

Stimulus check payments from the federal government are finished and dusty as the government wants to start a new chapter soon. But a lucky few in a few states would still receive a little extra cash this year – thanks to the stimulus funds generated at the local level.

While California still plans to pay off another round of Golden State Stimulus payments as it approves its annual budget, several other states have also begun preparing to conduct another round of payments for a few select residents – which includes the state of Massachusetts.

New stimulus check payment comes in

According to WWLP 22, a local radio station, most low-income workers in the state will be eligible for a $ 500 stimulus check from the state in March. Eligibility to receive such a payment will be based on the state tax returns in 2020, and the income must be between $ 12,750 – $ 38,280 for single files to qualify for it. Most of the families of four will receive their payment of $ 500 if the total income did not appear to exceed the range of $ 78,600.

This stimulus check payment is part of a $ 4 billion COVID-19 relief bill signed by Governor Charlie Baker in December. Those who received their unemployment benefits back in 2020 will not be eligible for the first round of payments, although a second round is certainly expected to be announced by the state at a much later date. It is also unclear whether the second round will be opened up for those who have previously received their unemployment benefits.

One should not forget that although new federal stimulus check payments do not seem to be on the horizon, there are still quite a few ways to access their older stimulus payments.

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