Stimulus Check Update: Petition for recurring payments close to target of 3 million signatures
Stimulus Check Update: Petition for recurring payments close to target of 3 million signatures

Stimulus Check Update: Petition for recurring payments close to target of 3 million signatures

While the coronavirus pandemic is raging on, struggling Americans are still hopeful for yet another round of stimulus checks, and some are pushing for more than that: recurring payments.

Earlier in the pandemic, Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Denver, started a petition calls for $ 2,000 recurring payments to every American until the pandemic ends.

Today, the petition stands at over 2.9 signatures (well, at the time of publication), and is approaching its target of 3 million. With 3 million signatures, Bonin’s signature will be one of the best campaigns.

** UPDATE: Our country is still struggling deeply. The recovery has not reached many Americans – the true unemployment rate for low-wage workers is estimated at over 20%, and many people are facing huge debt from last year for things like utilities, rent and childcare. These are all reasons why controls should be targeted at people who are still struggling and that Congress should learn from the last year. It took nine months for Congress to send another stimulus check, and only a few moments to use it. Forward Congress should do recurring checks automatically if certain triggers are met. No more waiting for our government to send the help we need. Sign to join our movement to get recurring checks to the people.

Back in August, Bonin spoke with KUSA-TVas the petition continued to gain momentum, and as the Delta variant rose as the dominant strain of COVID-19.

“What is the change that will come out of COVID to ensure we always have each other back?” asked Bonin via KUSA, as she stressed the impact the pandemic has had on the restaurant industry, including friends in the industry. “Right now, the petition feels extra important because the delta has become the next thing.”

Bonin said because of the pandemic, her husband, who is self-employed, lost his income. Although the restaurant is still open, she has been in fear of another slowdown, according to the NBC-affiliated store.

“One of the indicators we are seeing is that our to-go orders are rising again,” she said saidhowever, back in August. “When the vaccines came out, it was just a nose dive, people were ready not to make to-go orders anymore, and I think it was four weeks ago that suddenly reluctance came in the form of, ‘I want to go back to just order curbs. ‘”

Although there is no clear answer as to whether Congress is aware of the petition, it will only raise its awareness if it gains momentum in more signatures. It is clear that Bonin is not alone in his petition. has served as a platform for many stimulus-related campaigns.

Progressive legislators are also part of the battle for the fourth round of stimulus checks and / or recurring stimulus checks until the end of the pandemic. Progressive legislators have written letters asking for future recurring payments, and “automatic stabilizers”Or automatic payments deposited into Americans’ bank accounts in the near future.

Although parents receive recurring stimulus payments with the child tax deduction. However, it currently ends in December with the remaining amount to be claimed when 2021 taxes are filed. Although the Democrats are pushing for one proposal to extend the child tax deduction until 2025 or indefinitely.

Yet, in the meantime, the White House’s focus appears to be on Biden’s infrastructure bill and other issues, not stimulus checks. Although there are currently many other specialized stimulus checks deposited: state-specific stimulus checks, job-specific stimulus checks and even homeowners or tenants.


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