Stimulus checks from North Carolina: Governor Cooper reveals his plans for $ 6.2 billion surplus
Stimulus checks from North Carolina: Governor Cooper reveals his plans for $ 6.2 billion  surplus

Stimulus checks from North Carolina: Governor Cooper reveals his plans for $ 6.2 billion surplus

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Governors in several states have proposed stimulus benefits for residents in their budget proposals after a record-breaking budget surplus. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also recently proposed benefits for residents in his budget proposal. Cooper’s proposal includes sending one-time stimulus checks from North Carolina to workers and teachers. In addition to sending one-time bonuses, Cooper’s proposals address educational inequalities, affordable housing, retention of workers and more.

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Cooper’s suggestions: What does it include?

Last week, Governor Cooper unveiled his plans about how his government would spend the $ 6.2 billion surplus. Cooper detailed his recommended adjustments for the second year of a two-year budget, which lawmakers approved last fall. In addition to what the budget already contains, recent adjustments require higher salaries for government employees and teachers.

“The budget I am presenting today will build on our success and strengthen the areas that need reinforcement,” Governor Cooper reports.

Prior to the budget proposal, the General Assembly and the Cooper administration revealed that the state would exceed the revenue projections for the current fiscal year by about $ 4.2 billion. In addition, authorities raised the projections by about $ 2 billion for the year beginning July 1st.

Cooper has raised second-year spending by $ 2.3 billion to $ 29.3 billion to use some of the profits. Also, $ 2.4 billion of the profits would go to many specified “investments,” including infrastructureeconomic development and training of the workforce.

Cooper’s proposal does not call for further tax cuts, nor does it allocate more money to the state’s rainy day fund. The governor notes that the fund is about to hit $ 4.25 billion.

Cooper refers to the draft budget as a “smart, financially sound budget,” adding: “I think it’s clear we want to invest more than (Republicans) do.”

Stimulus checks from North Carolina: Who gets them?

Cooper’s proposal allocates $ 687 million more to K-12 and University of North Carolina system construction projects and repairs. The proposal also requires $ 102 million for the purchase and improvement of sites to attract large businesses, as well as $ 165 million for affordable housing.

Cooper also plans to spend $ 526 million more to cover the next year of a public education spending relief plan, which was approved by a judge. The governor also proposes raising the salaries of most government employees by 5%, compared to 2.5% previously proposed. There is also a proposal to raise the salary for state law enforcement and health care workers with 7.5 per cent.

In addition, teachers’ pay plans will be adjusted to ensure that they receive an overall average increase of 7.5% this year and next, compared to 5% at present. Under the proposal, workers and teachers would also be eligible for a one-time bonus of $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.

Cooper has also proposed expanding Medicaid for additional low-income adults through the 2010 Federal Affordable Care Act.

“The governor’s budget proposes Medicaid Expansion to provide access to affordable health insurance for more than 600,000 additional North Carolinans ….” it Press release say.

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