Stimulus update – states to push for payments
Stimulus update – states to push for payments

Stimulus update – states to push for payments

The corona pandemic led to the influx of federal stimulus checks in the form of trillions of dollars to most of the American workers and companies. As the federal government continued to shift its spending from stimulus payments to infrastructure, several states have decided to take action and have begun issuing their own stimulus proposals for the current year. There have been quite a few states that have offered some packages while proposing stimulus payments of various types to their residents.

Several states have devised their stimulus check payments

In the state of California, the state has received a budget surplus from the last few years – with a large part of the money issued directly back to the residents. In 2021 and early 2022, the state issued a few rounds of stimulus checks to California residents, amounting to a total of $ 9 billion. This was released in a press release from Governor Gavin Newsom’s office. Newsom also went on to announce that the state would send a payment of $ 400 to each vehicle owner – with a limit of about $ 400 checks – to offset the financial difficulties of the gas station.

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In the state of Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp recently issued stimulus check payments to residents – but converted them into a tax refund. Single taxpayers will receive a one-time payment of $ 250, while those who have submitted a joint application will receive a payment of $ 500. Those who continued to claim to be the head of the household would receive an amount of $ 375.

In Hawaii, Gov. David Ige had already proposed a $ 100 stimulus check payment as a refund to all relatives and taxpayers back in January 2022. Quite a few months later, the state legislature approved a measure that would give taxpayers with earnings below $ 100,000 a check on $ 300, and $ 100 for those who would earn more than that.

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