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Study reveals mental health vulnerability among COVID-19 patients

Regardless of mental health history, pre-existing medical conditions, and severity of illness, those hospitalized for COVID-19 had higher levels of PTSD, anxiety, and loneliness compared to those hospitalized for non-COVID-related illnesses at the time of discharge, a recent report released by University of Michigan researchers concluded.

The study was conducted in the spring of 2020 and surveyed 178 patients after their hospitalization. Sixty-four percent of the participants had tested positive for COVID-19. Researchers screened the patients with memory, anxiety, PTSD and loneliness tests.

Lead author Joanna Spencer-Segal, an assistant professor of internal medicine and research assistant professor at the Michigan Neuroscience Institute, said her experiences in the post-COVID-19 clinic helped her design some of the questions addressed in the study. used. One of the participants with COVID-19 had acute respiratory distress, according to Spencer-Segal, and she recalled talking to him about his family.

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