Surprise at $ 5,000 Bonuses Sent to 5,400 Americans TODAY – Are You Entitled?
Surprise at $ 5,000 Bonuses Sent to 5,400 Americans TODAY – Are You Entitled?

Surprise at $ 5,000 Bonuses Sent to 5,400 Americans TODAY – Are You Entitled?

Thousands of Americans receive surprising $ 5,000 bonus payouts from their employer.

It came in a shock announcement at The Chelsea Theater from Bill McBeath, president and CEO of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


Every single employee at the resort gets the bonus

The move, which was made with parent investment firm Blackstone, will cost more than $ 27 million.

During the night, various employee recognition awards were presented – but none greater than the final award.

Most interesting was that there should only be one bonus of $ 5,000 given to a lucky employee.

But Mr McBeath shocked an audience of more than 2,500 when he said thousands of staff would receive a potentially life-changing check.

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“We have incredible partners in Blackstone. In just seven short years, we were able to transform every facet of the resort,” Mr McBeath said.

Who is eligible?

A total of 5,400 workers will receive the bonus.

The Cosmopolitan told The Sun that “every single employee at the resort” received their bonuses.

They were paid out today, the company said.

So it is worth checking your bank account to make sure it is already deposited.

Cafeteria chef Edgar Rives called the move “fantastic” and was seen celebrating with colleagues at the Theater, according to Los Angeles ABC 7.

The 55-year-old has been in the business and noted that it will be up to his wife how the money is to be spent.

Who else offers bonuses?

It’s worth checking with your state or employer to see if you’re in line for a bonus.

For example, lawmakers in Connecticut have approved a plan that would send up to $ 1,000 in bonuses for key workers, including nurses and bus drivers.

Some part-time employees would receive $ 500, and the maximum income to qualify is $ 150,000.

Also thousands of JetBlue employees who do not call without work between April 8 and May 31 could get $ 1,000 bonuses.

For more on how to make money, millions have been added start getting stimulus and other payments worth up to $ 1,200 this month.

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Plus, se states and cities offer universal basic income.

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