taiwan: Ukraine crisis, a lesson for the US to prepare for Chinese invasion of Taiwan | India news
taiwan: Ukraine crisis, a lesson for the US to prepare for Chinese invasion of Taiwan |  India news

taiwan: Ukraine crisis, a lesson for the US to prepare for Chinese invasion of Taiwan | India news

WASHINGTON: Ukraine-Russia conflict has become a guide for the United States to develop a strategy to defend Taiwan against a possible attack from China, according to an analysis.
In a report on the strategic assessment of the Ukraine crisis, the US military has described in detail the need to develop a strategy for how to defend Taiwan in the event of a possible attack from China, air superiority is the decisive factor in the defense against the Chinese forces .
In particular, the United States did not agree with Ukraine’s request to enforce a no – fly zone over its airspace, as it would have brought it into direct combat with Russia. However, Taiwan is not Ukraine as it is in a far more vulnerable position, The Hong Kong Post reported, citing a military analysis website DefenseOne.
“Whatever other idea governs the defense of the island republic, air superiority will be critical. Washington and Taipei must prepare now to ensure this air superiority …. planning of Taiwan’s air defense must be based on a hard truth,” the media quoted the website as saying. to say.
However, according to US military experts, Taiwanese airspace is “much harder to defend” than Ukraine’s, as Taiwan is separated from US bases by thousands of miles of open Pacific water and the nearest supply routes are through the Philippine Sea, south along Ryukyus, or north of Luzon “, and all these regions are outside the territory of Taiwan and its exclusive economic zone.
Thus, approving a no-fly zone over Taiwan means that a large territory outside the island of Taiwan must be defended. But Seth Cropsey, a naval officer and former U.S. deputy secretary of state for Fleethas come up with a four-point strategy that is being discussed in the military circles.
According to this strategy, the United States must ensure its naval and air superiority in the Ryukyu archipelago, which can be transformed into an anti-air nest, packed with forward-thinking US Marines and air defense artillery. In addition, the United States should have an “integrated air defense network” to protect Taiwan from Chinese “missile bombardment”.
The United States should also procure more tankers, as a “no-fly zone” would require air combat over Taiwan and near Taiwan Strait which is extremely close to Chinese territory. Eventually, the United States will begin the battle with a significant numerical advantage, as the battle, according to the naval officer, will boil down to numerical superiority of both forces.
In a comparison of the situation between Russia and Ukraine with the situation in China-Taiwan, Cropsey regrets the United States’ haphazard attitude towards the Russian president. Vladimir Putins attack on the other Black Sea targets.
“Had we (the Americans) taken more seriously (Vladimir) Putins attacks on other Black Sea targets such as Georgia and Crimea and acted with greater determination years ago to help Ukraine defend itself, war could have been averted. Xi Jinping and the stated intention of his predecessors to oppress Taiwan – if necessary by force – is clear as a blue sky. “These skies must be defended over Taiwan if the United States is to remain the prominent power of the Pacific, and our friends and allies in the region must continue to cast their lot with us,” the media quoted him as saying.

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