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A little over a year ago, my wife and I discovered that we had never received our first Economic Impact Statement (stimulus check) paid to most citizens in May 2020. I first started dealing directly with the IRS which was pointless. Meaningless form letters, which are referred to telephone numbers that serve some other purpose and also sent to Meta Bank (which supposedly handles these payments) which is impossible to reach online, by letter or by telephone. They clearly don’t want to be approached!

I then contacted Senator Pat Toomey’s office in Harrisburg. They were a little helpful at first, but lost interest in the matter and stopped communicating with me.

Then I contacted Congressman Scott Perry’s York office. Donna knew exactly how to handle the situation, and after walking back and forth to get all the necessary paperwork for her, she assured me she wouldn’t drop the ball, which she didn’t! Today we got a check with interest.

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