The Al Yankovic Story ‘- Deadline
The Al Yankovic Story ‘- Deadline

The Al Yankovic Story ‘- Deadline

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul was to make a cameo in Eric Appels Strange Al Yankovic biopic, but life happened.

In 2010, Paul appeared in a Funny or Die sketch directed by Eric Appel called Strange: The Al Yankovic Story. In the sketch, Paul Yankovic plays and also stars Olivia Wilde and Patton Oswalt in the lead roles.

Things have come full circle as Appel is now co-writer (with Al Yankovic) and director of the new biopic coming out. In a interview with CinemaBlendPaul mentions how he loves the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is starring in the film.

“It’s so amazing. I loved doing it. I love Al [Yankovic], I love Eric Appel, who wrote the sketch for Funny Or Die and directed it. And he wrote the film with Al, and he also directs the film. I read that script years ago and it was just so exaggeratedly beautiful. It was just as they were poking around to see if they could get this thing done and I was really excited to see it finally fall apart and obviously Daniel [Radcliffe] is fantastic. So I think he’s definitely going to crush it. “

Why did the cameo not happen? This may be due to Covid. Just before stepping on the set, the actor tested positive for Covid-19. “I say, ‘Oh, no!’ So I could not do it and then I was just out for 10 fasting days, “Paul said.” I have never felt sicker in my life. And then we could not handle the cameo, which I was just completely crushed over. “

Strange: The Al Yankovic Story production started in Los Angeles earlier this month. Yankovic also co-produces with Mike Farah, Joe Farrell and Whitney Hodack for Funny Or Die, and Tim Headington, Lia Buman and Max Silva for Tango. Appel co-produces with Funny Or Dies Henry Muñoz III and Tango’s Neil Shah.

Strange: The Al Yankovic Story will be available for streaming exclusively on The Roku Channel.

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