The Army Announces First Soldiers Discharged Due to COVID-19 Vaccines
The Army Announces First Soldiers Discharged Due to COVID-19 Vaccines

The Army Announces First Soldiers Discharged Due to COVID-19 Vaccines

That army announced Friday that it has discharged three soldiers the first time it has launched troops for non-compliance with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The service, which had a vaccination deadline of December 15, 2021, announced that it would begin separating troops on February 2. To date, it says 2,692 soldiers have refused the vaccine, and it has issued 3,251 reprimands over the mandate.

In sharp contrast is Fleet had as of Wednesday discharged 519 sailors, and the Marine Corps said it had separated 1,038 Marines last week. That Air force had divorced 212 pilots from Tuesday.

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The other services also began their printing processes slowly, initially removing handfuls of people. The Navy started with 20 “entry level separations” and Air Force with 27.

The Army has also granted two religious exemptions out of nearly 4,000 requests, the latest data shows. These numbers are similar too other brancheswhich has given only a handful of dispensations and at least for the Marine Corps only to those who were already on their way out of service.

The religious liberation process has been controversial and subject to multiple litigation by service members. Judges have ordered the military to wait to separate one handful of Navy SEALs and three officers while their cases find their way through the judicial system.

Ministry of Defense watchdog too recently announced it had initiated an inquiry into how the services had handled requests for exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination mandate amid allegations that the process was essentially meaningless.

Trial by Navy SEALs “claims that their accommodation requests are in vain because refusal is a predetermined result.”

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