The deadline to claim $ 1,000 monthly income payments is just days away
The deadline to claim $ 1,000 monthly income payments is just days away

The deadline to claim $ 1,000 monthly income payments is just days away

AMERICANS have only days left to claim $ 1,000 monthly payments.

Qualifying artists in New York will get universal basic income (UBI) payments of $ 1,000 in one and a half years under Creative Rebuild New York (CRNY) initiative.


Qualified artists must apply for their payments onlineCredit: Getty Images – Getty

UBI payments are repeated as opposed to one-time payments stimulus check.

The program will also offer 300 employment opportunities to artists for two years, who will pay $ 65,000 annually.

In total, CRNY will provide $ 125 million in aids to artists.

Who qualifies?

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, with your primary residence in New York.

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As far as income is concerned, it should fall under CRNY’s self-sufficiency standardwhich calculates the cost of essential needs for families, including housing, childcare, food, transportation, among others.

And of course you have to be an artist, which includes one of the following roles:

  • crafts
  • dance
  • design
  • movie
  • literary art
  • media art
  • music
  • oral traditions
  • social practice
  • theater
  • performance art
  • traditional art
  • visual art
  • interdisciplinary art

Those employed in areas including baking and culinary arts, architecture and event planning and production are not eligible for the CRNY program.

How to apply

Provided you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply online – but you have to do it before deadline.

You will need either a CPR number or an individual taxpayer ID when applying.

You must also submit documents confirming your information.

The selected will receive a “detailed timeline” and instructions for the next steps by April 15th.

Selected artists who are already receiving public benefits will have the opportunity to get in touch with a benefits adviser to talk about ways to best use the guaranteed income.

Once you accept your invitation to the program, you will be signed up for the payment system.

Applications opened on February 14, but close on March 25.

So eligible artists only have until next Friday to apply.

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Stimulus checks worth up to $ 1,200 are going out to the Americans in days.

In addition, you will need these five documents claim up to $ 22,503 from the IRS.

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