The deadline to claim $ 285 one-time payment is one week
The deadline to claim $ 285 one-time payment is one week

The deadline to claim $ 285 one-time payment is one week

WORKING Americans have only one week left to claim a direct payment of $ 285.

As a part of Maine’s Disaster Relief Program, 524,754 workers are justified to get the one-time payment.


There are other payments being sent out at the moment

The program aims to help Maine citizens alleviate financial hardship caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Who qualifies?

To be eligible, you must have filed an individual tax return in Maine as a full-time resident for the 2020 fiscal year by October 31, 2021.

In terms of income, the adjusted gross income must have been less than $ 75,000 for single files or $ 150,000 for couples.

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The heads of the household must earn less than $ 112,500.

Other requirements for the emergency check are as follows:

  • Must have had salary, salary, gratuity or other taxable employee compensation by 2020.
  • Must not be invoked as a provider of another taxpayer’s tax return for the tax year 2020.

Those who received business income are not eligible for the $ 285 payments.

How to make claims before it’s too late

Although there was no application process and payments should have been issued by the end of 2021, you may need to act if you were eligible for a check but did not receive one.

Maine’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) told The Sun it has sent relief checks to more than 524,000 working people.

So there are only a small number of people who have not yet received their payments.

This can be you if you have recently had a change of address.

“We forwarded payments when a forwarding address was registered with the postal service, but this was not always the case,” DAFS said.

Another reason why you may not have received a payment is that it has either been lost or stolen.

If the above or any other reason applies, please contact Maine Revenue Services no later than “by March 31, 2022,” according to DAFS.

It can be contacted at (207) 624-9924.

Elsewhere, you can get payments

Maine is not the only state where you can get direct payments right now.

In fact, $ 500 deposits Massachusetts is begins to go out to 500,000 low-income residents.

In addition, a few other states are sending out stimulus check and other payments.

This includes California, which is sends out nearly 62,000 stimulus checks worth up to $ 1,200.

Also, New Jersey is send payments worth up to $ 4,000 to specific groups who missed out on federal stimulus checks.

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Plus, different states and cities have launched their own universal basic income programsa set of recurring payments.

At the federal level, more than a million Americans has less than a month to claim a $ 1,400 stimulus check.

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