The frequency of new COVID-19 infections in Gregg County reaches the lowest level of the year | Local news
The frequency of new COVID-19 infections in Gregg County reaches the lowest level of the year |  Local news

The frequency of new COVID-19 infections in Gregg County reaches the lowest level of the year | Local news

The community spread of COVID-19 in Gregg County dropped to its lowest level for the year Monday with the release of new data from public health officials.

The Northeast Texas Public Health District showed the county with moderate spread in the community, down from significant, with a seven-day rolling rate of new infections of 26.73.

Monday’s seven-day rolling rate of COVID-19 infection is down more than 35% from the rolling rate of 41.49 announced on Thursday. The county’s seven-day rolling infection rate had been more than 100 as late as Feb. 3 and has been at levels representing a significant societal spread since before the first of the year.

Monday’s report showed each of the seven counties for which NET Health provides disease surveillance with new infection rates that place them in moderate levels – between 10 and 35 – of societal spread. Moderate societal dispersal indicated sustained transfer with confirmed exposure within assembly environments and potential for rapid increase. Significant societal dispersal, or a seven-day rolling rate of 35 or more, indicates large-scale, uncontrolled societal transfer.

The rolling seven-day rate is calculated by dividing the number of new COVID-19 cases from the previous seven days by the county population and multiplying the result by 100,000.

New cases of COVID-19 fell by more than 63% on Monday compared to NET Health’s Thursday report. On Monday, the district reported only 62 in total – 39 confirmed and 23 likely – new cases of COVID-19 in county residents, down from 170 new cases in Thursday’s update.

Active cases in the county; however, increased by 57 as recovery increased by four.

The state reports that there have been 643 COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

NET Health reported Monday that there were 136 patients treated for COVID-19 at Tyler hospitals. The number reached a pandemic height of 389 in September.

There were 279 COVID-19 patients Sunday in the state’s 19-county Trauma Region G, which includes Longview and Tyler, according to data from the Department of State Health Services. The month began with 524 COVID-19 patients at the region’s hospitals.

In Smith County, on Monday, NET Health reported only a fraction of the new cases of COVID-19 reported the previous week.

On Monday, the district showed a total of 127 new cases among county residents compared to 349 on Thursday.

Harrison County Judge Chad Sims on Monday also reported a slowdown in new cases; however, he said the county had seven deaths in the past week.

The county had 170 new cases in the past seven days down from 224 the week before, and the average number of new cases a day went from 32 to 24.

“New cases per day continue to decline, but we’ve had a significant increase in the number of deaths over the last 7 days,” Sims wrote in a post on Facebook. “Please continue to be careful and join me in praying for these 7 families who are going through a difficult time.”

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