The new space race is underway, with Russia, China and the United States heading for the moon
The new space race is underway, with Russia, China and the United States heading for the moon

The new space race is underway, with Russia, China and the United States heading for the moon

NASA promotes human return to the moon during the Artemis mission, but Russia and China are as close to the moon as the United States

The moon is getting crowded and the US, China and Russia are all planning to build bases at the moon’s south pole. NASA has promoted human return to the moon with the Artemis mission. The program will launch Artemis I this year, an unmanned spacecraft that will orbit the moon and return to Earth.

From the 1950s to the late 70s, the United States and Russia were not only involved in an active Cold War, but in a space race. So while NASA was the first to put boots on the moon with Apollo 11 in 1969, the first man-made object to touch the moon was actually Russian. The mission was called Luna 2 and had a 10-year lead on Apollo 11 and reached the moon in 1959.


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Russia announced the reboot of their Luna program with the Luna 25 mission. The mission will put a lander on the moon to scout for volatile resources, such as water. Russia, like the United States, will land at the moon’s south pole. Luna 25 will be launched in June this year. Russia continues where the Luna missions from 1959 to 1976 left off. During this program, 15 Russian Luna missions landed or orbited the moon. But besides the obvious history and Russian lunar experience, another problem worries the United States even more. Russia’s Luna program is now officially part of Phase One of China’s International Lunar Research Station mission.

The truth about returning to the moon

China International Lunar Research Base Plan

The United States, Russia, and China have all chosen to land, explore, and establish a base at the moon’s south pole. The area is where researchers believe that water in the form of ice is most abundant and easier to access. The European Space Agency (ESA) is cooperating with Russia on Luna 25. The equipment on board Luna 25 will analyze and even drill the moon. China, which recently proved that its space capacity should not be underestimated by build a space station in a few monthshas paved a clear path for the construction of its International Lunar Research Station.

Phase one of China’s lunar base plan includes six reconnaissance missions through 2025. The first mission is already underway. China’s moon rover Chang’e 4 has been driving around the moon since 2018. The second reconnaissance mission is the Russian Luna 25 lander to be launched this year. Other landers and rovers will follow. By 2026, China expects to begin building its lunar base at the South Pole. says NASA they will land humans on the moon in 2024 and start building their base in 2025. But delays have plagued NASA’s plan.

China will build its base in five missions. First, they will establish command centers, energy and communications. Then set up the science facilities and resource utilization technology and finally add the lunar astronomy base. Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency, says Luna 25 is assembled and in the final test, ready for launch in July. Below NASA, both China and the United States have promoted their lunar missions and recruited international patterns for their program. It’s unclear how each country’s plan has set today’s lunar priorities, but one thing is crystal, the new space race is underway!

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Source: NASA Artemis, Roscosmos, China

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