The Pandemic, Mathematics and Social Security Opinion
The Pandemic, Mathematics and Social Security  Opinion

The Pandemic, Mathematics and Social Security Opinion

Finance, or just money, catches most people’s attention. Comments are constantly flying by the press on this topic of wealth and money. A few recent examples could be the housing situation in America and the light treatment that some received in sexual crimes. Has the American dream of ‘home ownership’ been hijacked by business? Some statisticians claim that about 18% of all recent home purchases in the good ole USA were made by companies or institutions and NOT by individuals. What is the reason for this? The rental business is in high demand and the rental prices are on a ruthless escalator.

Another commentator dealt with a different angle on social justice. Their subject was the apparent ‘easy departure’ that Prince Andrew received because of his ability to ‘buy’ himself out of sexual abuse. So yes, economics and wealth are a public matter or interest.

Let us examine another serious economic consideration. It deals with the pandemic, a little math and our beloved social security system. We will be careful to state that there is no doubt about the reality of the corona virus. Nor do we doubt the great loss of life and the accompanying grief. Our hearts mourn for the bereaved for the past two years.

None of us take lightly the loss of life. They were our family and friends. We still miss and mourn their passing. But as the saying goes, “life goes on” and we have to consider where we are after all this. What has really happened and what are the economic consequences when we hopefully look towards the end of the pandemic?

According to ‘Statista’ and figures published by John Elflein, these death statistics are from January 2020 to 16 February 2022. The total deaths were 914,230 caused by COVID-19. Here is an age breakdown to consider: 65-74 years, 209,201, 75-84 years 235,108 and 85 and older 235,499. The total number of people of social security age who died is 679,808. Did they all draw or receive the SS? We do not know, BUT they were all justified.

Now, math starts into this discussion. Sorry for the rounded and estimated numbers. But please follow and consider the math. Let’s adopt a very conservative figure of $ 10,000 per. deceased for their annual SS check. Then multiply it 10,000 times the number of deceased, 679,808, which equates to about 6.8 billion. That is the amount of SS, due to deaths that was NOT paid out in a year. If half of those who died would have signed the SS for 5 years (again a very conservative estimate), then the SS would save 5 x 6.8 billion or $ 34 billion. This should have provided much needed relief to an overtaxed SS, which the government tells us is on a crash course of being crushed. Unfortunately, the stimulus jumps into the equation at this point and at this point.

Congress has passed and given us 4 stimulus packages to date and is still trying to give more. That means $ 3.5 trillion has been approved in stimulus packages so far. SO THE BOOST THAT SOCIAL SECURITY SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED HAS BEEN MORE THAN GOBBED UP IN STIMULUS. Once again, current comfort has been considered at the expense of future lives, the retirement lives of men and women who worked to pay U.S. bills. If my calculation is correct, it takes a thousand billion to earn a trillion! So the ‘black hole’ in public spending has more than consumed the hope of SS solvency! COVID stole lives, but public spending will steal seniors’ future ‘lives’, not to mention the tax bill left to our great-grandchildren.

Yes, the numbers are scary, yea mind – confusing. But you and I MUST NOT turn away from the facts. We need to demand politicians who will be financially responsible. It does not matter which party they apparently join. If they are dependent on expenses, they need help and they are NOT helping us. Let’s send them home for rehab and vote for some really taxable men and women. Do not let the pandemic become ‘the end of us’ in ways we could not see coming. Do the math. Consider the elders for more than their physical health, but their financial health. It’s not the mask we have to take off, but the ‘binders’!

Danny Lewis

Ring, Texas

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