The Social Security Administration publishes equity action plan
The Social Security Administration publishes equity action plan

The Social Security Administration publishes equity action plan

Social Security Administration – USA

Today, the Social Security Administration released its first Equity Action Plan, which supports President Biden’s gender equality agenda for the entire government to promote equality, civil rights, racial justice and equal opportunities for all.

On January 20, 2021, the President signed a decree promoting racism and support for underserved communities through the federal government. The decree requires all federal agencies to “pursue a comprehensive approach to promoting equality for all, including people of color and other people who have historically been understaffed, marginalized, and negatively affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

“Social Security programs affect the lives of almost all Americans and provide income security for the various sections of the population we serve, including people facing barriers, people with disabilities, people who are widows, retirees and their families,” said Kilolo Kijakazi, acting Commissioner for Social Security.

“Systemic barriers can prevent people who need our programs the most from accessing them. Our Equity Action Plan will help reduce these barriers and ensure that people have access to our services,” said Kijakazi.

Social Security’s Equity Action Plan includes:

  • Increased collection of race and ethnicity data to help understand whether programs serve applicants and beneficiaries fairly
  • Revision of policies and practices to expand service delivery capabilities
  • Ensuring equal access for non-represented plaintiffs in the disability application process
  • Decreasing burdens on persons identifying as gender differences or transgender in the application process for social security number cards, and
  • Increasing access to research grant programs for historically black colleges and universities and minority institutions and procurement opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses.
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