The truth about social security recipients and a fourth stimulus check
The truth about social security recipients and a fourth stimulus check

The truth about social security recipients and a fourth stimulus check

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Rumors of a fourth stimulus check are circulating.

Key points

  • As months go by, the chances of Congress approving a fourth check fall.
  • For social security recipients who need financial assistance, help is available.

Despite inflation, the US economy has managed to survive one of the worst global pandemics in history. But with an unemployment rate of 3.6%, there is little chance that Congress will approve another stimulus check for the majority of Americans.

Yet this reality has not curbed the rumors of a fourth stimulus payment to social security beneficiaries. Social security paid to retirees and those unable to work due to disability can arrive reliably, but it does not keep up with inflation. And that’s one of the main reasons why Rick Delaney, president of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), sent a letter to Congress asking for a one-time payment of $ 1,400 to stimulate them on social security.


To put this in perspective, Delaney sent his letter in October 2021. It is seven months ago. During these seven months, the coverage of the letter has been rounded up by talk radio, newspapers and online publications (including The Ascent). The possibility of a fourth check has been covered so often that it is easy to understand how people can get confused.

This is where we are

Congress has not addressed the issue of another payment to social security beneficiaries. Regardless of rumors to the contrary, the IRS has not been ordered to issue a fourth payment to any American.

Congress has not directly rejected the proposal, so the issue is not completely dead and buried. However, no one should expect another round of stimulus payments from the federal government.

What to do instead

If you are a social security recipient who experiences that you are struggling to make ends meet, these organizations are designed with you in mind.

Help with housing


If you are on social security and worried that you may not be able to cope with yours mortgage payments, there may be exemption options available through your state or mortgage lender. If you choose to work with a housing counselor, this person will help you tailor an action plan at no cost to you. You can find a housing counselor through Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.


Although the CDC deferral moratorium ended last summer, there is still help to be found for tenants who may have trouble paying their rent or utilities. Visit this side for the contact information you need.

Lost your home

If you are without a home, this web page specifies where you can find secure temporary housing, pay bills and even protect your credit score.

If you are a social security recipient and need legal advice, you may be eligible for free legal aid. Here is where you can find a lawyer in your state.


If you have trouble getting the money for buy groceries, do not go hungry. There are hundreds of organizations across the country that exist solely to provide you with the food you need.

Mad pantries

To find a pantry near you, check FoodFinder website. All you have to do is enter your zip code. FoodFinding instantly displays a map of your area with red indicators showing where each pantry is located. Click on one of the indicators and you will find the name of the organization sponsoring the food bank, as well as the address.

If you do not drive or have transportation, call one of the organizations near you to see if they deliver.


Finally, if you are eligible, apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in your state. And while you are at it, you can visit USDA website to find several other innovative food programs for people over 60 years of age.

As time goes on, the chances of Congress approving another stimulus check diminish. Yet there are community programs, churches, and government programs that would like to help.

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