The United States will impose “costs” if China supports Russia
The United States will impose “costs” if China supports Russia

The United States will impose “costs” if China supports Russia

That’s what US officials have said Beijing is considering whether to provide military or financial assistance at the request of Moscowa development both China and Russia have denied.

“We believe that China in particular has a responsibility to use its influence with President Putin,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Thursday about the forthcoming call.

Sir. The bite “will make it clear that China will be responsible for all actions it takes support Russia’s aggression, and we will not hesitate to impose costs, ”said Mr Blinken. “We are concerned that they are considering assisting Russia directly with military equipment for use in Ukraine.”

China’s Foreign Ministry also announced that a call would take place between Mr Biden and Mr Xi, but remained vigilant about the agenda, saying the two would “exchange views on China-US relations and issues of common interest.”

‘US tries to smear China with disinformation’

Chinese state media have so far focused on an anti-American message that makes it clear that China “would never accept US threats and coercion.”

“Not surprisingly, before the phone call, some US officials have intensely made irresponsible remarks and spread disinformation to smear China and push it over the Ukraine issue,” reads a passage in the Global Times, a Communist Party spokesman.

“Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, given the rights and wrongs of the facts, China has made an independent judgment and constructive efforts,” the play continued, indicating that Beijing wants to distance itself from the United States and ensure that whatever policy it announces becomes seen as free from any outside influence.

Over the past week, U.S. officials have been increasingly concerned about what Beijing’s close ties with Moscow could mean in terms of reaching a peaceful solution in Ukraine.

China has insisted that it remains neutral, although state media and government censors have been careful not to be critical of Russia, with everything in favor of Ukraine scrubbed away. Beijing has also refrained from condemning Russiaand officials still need to describe Moscow’s actions as “an invasion.”

While China could help Moscow – reduce the impact of global sanctions or provide military support – it would be unprecedented for Beijing and risk significantly damages its already stony conditions with the United States and Europe.

A number of officials have already this week called on China to step up and take greater global responsibility.

“There can be no such thing as so-called neutrality,” said Nicholas Chapuis, EU ambassador to China, urging Beijing to “help Europe stop the war.”

“We really urge all our Chinese friends to name the aggressor and stand by the victim.”

Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Blakrishnan too urged China to use its “enormous influence” on Russia to push for peace, in an interview with Bloomberg.

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