The White House continues to push for Covid-19 funding for concerns over the BA.2 mountain – POLITICO
The White House continues to push for Covid-19 funding for concerns over the BA.2 mountain – POLITICO

The White House continues to push for Covid-19 funding for concerns over the BA.2 mountain – POLITICO

With Daniel Lippman

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Top officials in the Biden administration went to the Democrats to ask for Covid-19 funding, encouraged an apology from the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The White House sees Europe’s Covid-19 rise. BA.2 is not the dominant variant in the US – yet.

Ashish Jha takes over after Jeff Zients in the management of the administration’s Covid-19 response store. It will not be easy.

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COVID THE FINANCING SEARCH CONTINUES – Nancy Pelosi apologized to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Top Infection Adviser Anthony Fauci for personally appealing to Democratic lawmakers on Covid-19 funding, our colleagues Sarah Ferris, Marianne Levine and Adam Cancryn report.

The apology came then two top officials in the Biden administration begged the legislators to find a way to approve $ 15 billion in domestic and foreign coronavirus assistance. Last week, Democratic leaders removed the funding from the bipartisan government’s expense bill after members rebelled against paying for some of the package from the states’ unused funds.

Since then, the White House has told anyone who wants to listen en masse is at stake, which has sent flare over declining testing capacities, dwindling supplies of therapeutic agents and the looming disruption of critical programs, including one that reimburses providers for treating uninsured Covid patients.

Pelosi insists it will happen – “We’ll just have to pass it,” she said – but how they will pay for it and get it past the Senate remains a mystery, at least to us.

Meanwhile, earlier Thursday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky asked the legislators to make “an investment in public health and public health infrastructure so that we do not have to go from one infectious disease challenge or one health challenge to another.”

“We came into this pandemic with an incredibly fragile public health infrastructure,” she said during a panel held by the Bipartisan Policy Center. “We came in at a time when our laboratory infrastructure was not there, where our data infrastructure was not there … we have made great strides during this pandemic. But it has shown that we have a lot more work to do.”

ALL EYES ON EUROPEWhite House officials are cautiously watching the wave of Covid-19 cases in Europe, Erin Banco, Adam Cancryn and Krista report. Over the past two years, the United States has experienced Covid waves several weeks after similar waves hit Europe.

In recent days, White House officials from the Covid-19 Task Force and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have met to find out how the administration will respond if cases begin to rise drastically, according to three senior officials.

The group has discussed the possibility of recommending communities to reintroduce mask mandates indoors, and how to ensure that hospitals across the country are prepared for a potential increase in patients. Officials have also discussed whether and when to recommend a fourth Covid-19 shot.

The CDC says the Omicron sub-variant BA.2, which is driving the European wave, is not the dominant variant in the US, but it may take over in the coming weeks.

JHA ER I, ZIENTS IS OUT – Well, soon anyway. President Joe Biden said Thursday that Brown University’s Ashish Jha is the next to lead the White House Covid-19 task force, POLITICO’s Samuel Benson writes.

Jha, dean of Brown’s Public School of Health, will replace Jeffrey Zients, who has led the Biden administration’s response to coronavirus since January 2021. He is leaving the post to return to privacy in April.

Jha comes to the job at a difficult time as waves across the pond give rise to serious concern, the administration’s ability to respond to future threats is running out of cash, and many Americans are really, really over this pandemic.

“Dr. Jha is one of America’s leading public health experts and a well-known figure to many Americans from his wise and reassuring public presence,” Biden said in a statement. on my national COVID-19 contingency plan and handles the ongoing risks from COVID – is Dr. Jha the perfect person for the job. ”

THE MODERN ASKS THE FDA AUTHORIZE OTHER BOOSTER DOSES On Thursday, the Moderna requested the FDA to grant an emergency use permit for a fourth dose of their Covid-19 vaccine to adults who have already received a booster dose of an approved or approved shot, POLITICO’s report by David Lim and Lauren Gardner.

The FDA is set to convene its advisory committee of vaccine experts next month to consider how to take Covid booster shots forward, including whether and when they will be needed and for what populations.

EXPANDS NYC PSYCH DEVICES ONLY A “BAND-AID” It says health experts in New York City, while elected officials are pushing to increase the number of psychiatric beds to meet the needs of the city’s mentally ill homeless population, write POLITICOs Amanda Eisenberg, Shannon Young and Deanna Garcia.

Psychiatric beds in hospitals have dropped dramatically in New York over the past 20 years. Gov. Kathy Hochul has called for “large investments to improve psychiatric support for those in crisis.” including $ 27.5 million for hospitalized psychiatric beds across the state, more than $ 12 million for 500 supportive housing beds and nearly $ 10 million for the recruitment and retention of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses.

But advocates say that without tackling affordable and secure housing at the same time, patients will continue to fall into a cycle of being discharged and returning to the streets.

CALIFORNIA TO THE RESCUE – California lawmakers are stepping in to help residents of other states face potential new restrictions on gender reassignment care and abortion services.

On Thursday, Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) announced plans for a bill that would provide legal protection for transgender children seeking gender-confirming health care – and the parents facing potential prosecution if they let them, writes POLITICO’S Chris Ramirez.

The bill would reject judgments outside the state that remove a child from custody to seek gender-confirming health care. It would also prevent compliance with state-of-the-art subpoenas on health information, while arrest warrants in such cases would become the lowest law enforcement policy, Wiener said.

Another California bill unveiled Thursday will help people from outside the state access and cover the cost of abortion services, writes Victoria Colliver.

The bill would create a fund, described by the authors of the bill as the first of its kind, using state and philanthropic dollars to help low-income Californians and non-state residents afford care and related costs related to abortion, including travel and child care.

STILL 31 MILLION AMERICANS ILLUMINATESFewer American adults now smoke than at any time in the last half century, POLITICOs It writes Katherine Ellen Foley. A CDC study looked at data from the 2020 National Health Interview Survey and found that about 31 million adults – or 12.5 percent of the population – were active smokers. It is the lowest recorded rate since at least 1965. The percentage rises to 19 percent when it includes Americans’ use of all tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and pipes.

IN EUROPE, COVID-19 DISINFO GOING WAR – As the war in Ukraine absorbs Europe’s attention, Western anti-vaccine groups and conspiracy theorists have shifted from parroting lies about the global pandemic to selling misinformation about the war. our colleagues in Europe Laura Kayali and Mark Scott write.

A lot of that information frames Russia as the good guy. According to misinformation experts and fact-checking groups, scattered online communities that had previously pushed back against Covid-19 restrictions are now located Russia’s invasion as being between Kiev and its Western allies, cast as oppressors of the new world order, and Moscow.

“Conspiracy theories require more conspiracy theories,” said Rudy Reichstadt, director of France’s Conspiracy Watch website. Groups were already actively spreading Covid-19 misinformation on Facebook, YouTube and Telegram, Reichstadt said. “The pipes are ready; they just need to be filled. ”

Hailey Ray is now US PAC and advocacy manager at GSK Consumer Healthcare. She has previously been director of political affairs in the Car Care Association.

Molly Meegan is now chief legal officer and general counsel at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She has previously been Deputy Director of the Human Rights Campaign.

Local clinics are fighting to keep their workers while the pandemic drags on in California, It writes the Los Angeles Times.

It writes the Washington Post that the $ 16 billion plan to modernize veterans’ medical records poses a threat to their health.

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