These are the ‘safest modes under COVID-19’, according to WalletHub
These are the ‘safest modes under COVID-19’, according to WalletHub

These are the ‘safest modes under COVID-19’, according to WalletHub

The COVID-19 pandemic still continues to affect thousands of people every day across the country. But as vaccination rates rise and COVID numbers begin to decline as spring approaches, some states are better off than others based on how well they have the pandemic under control.

Pr. On 23 February, 64.8% of the country is fully vaccinated according to Mayo Clinic data. However, states vary in vaccination status, making the virus more likely to spread.

The website for personal finance, WalletHubhas just published a list of safest conditions to be in during COVID-19. The study reveals a set of data collected from all states and the District of Columbia that includes rates of COVID-19 transmission, positive tests, hospitalizations and deaths, as well as the proportion of eligible people being vaccinated.

Security is also an essential part of getting the country’s economy back on track, WalletHub states.

“The country’s security level is affecting the economy because it’s tied to the lifting of restrictions, and it determines how safe people are to go out and spend money,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “Although we have made great strides with vaccination, recent polls have found that most people who are still unvaccinated do not ever plan to get the vaccine.”

All New England states are ranked in the overall top 15 safest spots, with the exception of Maine, which comes in at 37 overall. Maine ranked 50th in West Virginia for the highest death rate in the country, as well as a 50th place for the highest transmission rate, the study shows.

According to the study, Connecticut ranked number one on the list with the highest vaccination rate, and also ranked fifth with the lowest hospitalization rate.

Massachusetts took third place in the category with the highest vaccination rate as well as third place for the lowest hospitalization rate, close behind Rhode Island and Maryland. Commonwealth is also in second place under the lowest transmission speed category. Although Massachusetts just missed out on the top 10 overall and ranked 11th, it was state-dominated in categories that WalletHub would consider “safest.”

Interestingly, some states like Oklahoma, ranked 49th for the highest hospitalization rate, also ranked at number one for the lowest death rate in the country.

West Virginia ranked 51st overall, coming last as the safest state to be in, with an overall score of 16.81. It ranked 50th below the highest hospitalization rate and highest death rate in the country, according to Maine. It was also ranked No. 47, in line with Tennessee, as the state with the highest transmission rate of COVID-19.

States like New York, that started the pandemic with alarming numbershas leveled off quite a bit as the state placed 4th place for the highest vaccination rate and 5th place for the lowest positive test rate.

Here is a list of the 15 safest states, including the District of Columbia, during the COVID pandemic:

1. Rhode Island

2. District of Columbia

3. Maryland

4. Vermont

5. New York

6. Colorado

7. California

8. Washington

9. Connecticut

10. Florida

11. Massachusetts

12. Hawaii

13. New Hampshire

14. New Jersey

15. Illinois

You can access the full list of safest states to be in during the pandemic here.

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