Thieves are not just after CPR numbers
Thieves are not just after CPR numbers

Thieves are not just after CPR numbers

Identity Theft Resource Center says data breaches have increased by 14% compared to the same time last year. Thieves are looking for more specific data to swipe as well.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – It looks like we’ll be seeing a record number of data breaches in 2022.

The operations team at The Resource Center for Identity Theft has tracked the numbers, and it found that already this year there have been more than 400 data compromises. That’s 14 percent more than at the same time last year. More than 20 million Americans have been affected. Here in Floridainvolves more than 88 percent of the brides cyberattacks as opposed to a system or a human error.

So what can you do about it?

Chief Operating Officer James Lee says bad actors change their tactics and become more sophisticated while looking for specific information.

He says CPR numbers are worth $ 2 or less on the dark web, and that some hackers even give them away for free. Instead, they are looking for some information that they consider to be much more valuable.

“Your Gmail login and password are worth between $ 60 and $ 80,” Lee said, adding that driver’s licenses are also valuable. “Now we use [driver’s licenses] in electronic forms, by using them in many verifications. A driver’s license can be worth between $ 100 and $ 150, just your driver’s license number, so we need to think differently about what is important and treat each piece of information as valuable and worth protecting. ”

It is up to the states to have laws about what companies tell you about breaches. Here in Florida, Companies are required to tell you about a breach within 30 days if there is a problem involving your name, along with your CPR number, driver’s license or financial information, among other things. Lee says there should at least be a national law that forces companies to quickly share what was revealed and how it was revealed so people know how to react to an attack.

“If there were 20 million other types of crime victims in a quarter, we would move heaven and earth to help them, but we do not have the infrastructure to help identify victims of crime, and we have to,” he said. Lee.

Here are two things you can do right now:

  • Make sure you have a unique password for each account, the average person has about 100 of them
  • The password must have 12 characters including a number or a symbol. The longer the password, the better. Lee says hacking can take decades.

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