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Third stimulus check news overview: 07 March 2021

Marathon battle to pass aid bill Democratic majority

The battle to pass a Covid-19 relief bill showed how difficult it will be for US President Joe Biden’s Democrats in Congress, who face opposition from the right and left as they try to win big achievable with small majorities.

“This was a reminder yesterday that in a 50-50 Senate, if a member changes his mind about an amendment, or a vote, or an issue, it can change the outcome,” Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat, told reporters.

While Democrats are now focusing on other priorities, such as infrastructure spending and immigration reform, Senate rules require 60 votes to move most legislation forward. In general, the 50 votes of the Democratic Senate plus the casting vote of Vice President Kamala Harris will not be enough. A procedural maneuver called “reconciliation” allowed Democrats to bypass the 60-vote threshold for the Covid-19 stimulus. The partisan bickering over the COVID-19 law may have poisoned the source for ambiguity in the short term. Republicans say Democrats weren’t serious about finding a bipartisan consensus on the coronavirus measure.

Democrats wondered why Republicans opposed the coronavirus law when the aid had wide public support. “As long as Democrats make an effort to be bipartisan in the eyes of the American people, they will be forgiven for having to do a party vote to push forward an agenda that will help Americans. people,” Democratic strategist Bud Jackson said.