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Third stimulus check news overview: February 26, 2021

When it comes down to it, the Republicans will join us – Stevens

Democratic Congresswoman Haley Stevens Says She Doesn’t Expect $1.9 Trillion Dollar Incentive Bill To Get Unsupported From Republicans if the package is voted in the House of Representatives on Friday.

Now is the time to act and I believe that colleagues across the aisle, when it comes down to it, come with us, and I’m going to tell you why: This is triage,” Stevens told CNBC.

“We just recognized that 500,000 lives have been lost to this pandemic, we all know we need the funding for the vaccines, the testing. We are long overdue with some of the economic provisions of this account, the $1,400 stimulus check, the money needed to fully and safely reopen our schools – we’re talking staff dollars here.

And take it from the economists and those who support this bill outside the chamber. We have the US Chamber of Commerce backing this bill, we have the US Conference of Mayors, we have executives from both sides saying, we need this US bailout.

Stabilize the health of this country, stabilize the economy.”