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Stimulus Check

Third stimulus check: summary and news on February 16, 2021

Stimulus check tour: Biden goes on the road

US President Joe Biden will travel to Wisconsin today to make his case for a $1.9 trillion pandemic emergency bill in the state that contributed to his victory in last year’s presidential election on the political battlefield.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: Biden would do a CNN City Hall with voters while visiting the state, severely affected by the pandemic and its economic impact.

“That’s an opportunity to hear directly from people how the twin crises are affecting them,” she told reporters.

Biden has traveled to his home state of Delaware and the Camp David presidential retreat since taking office on January 20, but the trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, is his first in official business since he became commander in chief.

The state, which has 10 votes in the electoral college, sided with the Democratic president over Donald Trump, then the Republican incumbent, by a narrow margin in November’s election.

Renewed stimulus focus

With the US Senate acquitted on Saturday in his second impeachment trial, The White House is eager to push ahead with Biden’s agenda on economics, fighting Covid-19, curbing climate change and tackling racial inequality.

Biden wants Congress to pass his $1.9 trillion pandemic aid bill in coming weeks to get $1,400 Incentives Will Reach Americans And Boost Unemployment Benefits.

The White House’s strategy of promoting the package and other policy goals involves voters stepping out. After being vaccinated against the coronavirus, Biden, 78, is stepping up his journey in the coming days.

On Thursday he will visit Michigan, another political swing state, to see a Pfizer manufacturing site and talk to workers involved in making the company’s covid-19 vaccine. The 16 electoral college votes also contributed to Biden’s election victory.

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