Thousands of Americans could receive $ 1,400 in stimulus lottery
Thousands of Americans could receive $ 1,400 in stimulus lottery

Thousands of Americans could receive $ 1,400 in stimulus lottery

Rough 2,500 low-income Americans will be randomly selected to receive direct stimulus payments worth $ 1,400.

That Iowa amtets stimulus lottery, funded by Joe Bidens $ 3.5 million American rescue planwas approved nationwide on Thursday to help residents who have been directly affected by coronavirus.


Applicants must provide proof of injury during the pandemicCredit: Getty

It is unclear when applications will open, but more information about the program may be available on March 7, according to the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

To be eligible, Iowa residents must have lived in Johnson County since March 2020 and have an income considered to be in the low to moderate range.

Applicants must also provide proof that they have been injured during the pandemic, whether financially or otherwise.

Eligible persons’ “documented adversity” from the pandemic could include an experience of insecurity in the home or even miss a previous federal stimulus payment.

Qualified Iowans will submit their applications online, and recipients will be randomly selected by a “selection generator”, according to Johnson County website.

The direct one-off assistance will be chosen in lottery style due to the fact that the expected amount of applications is greater than the amount of funds available.

Although it is unclear if another stimulus check will be sent out on one federal levelimplements many states like Iowa relief programs to help residents.

More than 10,000 Alabama residents could stand in line to receive checks up to $ 1,500.

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Millions of dollars are available for New Jersey residents who did not receive any federal stimulus checks in 2021.

Fire other states receive bonus stimulus checks and automatic cash.

We also explain why you need to file a tax return to receive your stimulus check.

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