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Thousands of Struggling Americans Can Apply for $500 Stimulus Checks Before Christmas

THOUSANDS of cash-strapped Americans can apply for $500 incentive checks just days before Christmas.

Officials in St. Louis, Missouri say applications for the additional money can be submitted beginning Dec. 18.

Thousands of Americans in St. Louis, Missouri can apply for a $500 stimulus check just days before Christmas


Thousands of Americans in St. Louis, Missouri can apply for a $500 stimulus check just days before ChristmasCredit: Getty

It is not known when the stimulus payments will be deposited, but once your application has been approved, the checks will be sent by mobile phone or by post.

Applications can be submitted in person or on the city’s website.

The city estimates that at least 9,300 residents are eligible for payments, according to KSDK.

To be eligible, Americans must have lived in St. Louis for 12 months.

Taxpayers must also earn 80% or less than the area’s median income (AMI), which is as follows:

  • Household of One – $47,550
  • Household of two – $54,350
  • Family of three – $61,150
  • Family of four – $67,900
  • Household of Five – $73,350
  • Family of Six – $78,800
  • Household of Seven – $84,200
  • Household of Eight – $89,650

Americans must also prove that they have suffered loss of income during the Covid pandemic.

This includes job loss, reduced hours, funeral expenses and treatment costs.

When completing your application, you must provide ID, proof of income, and two documents, including a bank statement, tax return, and lease agreements.

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Once the application is submitted, you will receive status updates until a decision is made.

Undocumented residents need a non-governmental partner organization to sign the application.

It seems unlikely that the Biden administration will introduce a fourth stimulus check, but lawmakers in cities and states are helping residents in the run-up to Christmas.

About 20,000 households in the most impoverished districts of Santa Ana, California, receive a $300 prepaid Visa debit card.

A total of $6 million in payments will be sent to poor neighborhoods as part of the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program.

Officials will deliver the cards door-to-door beginning Dec. 4, according to The Orange County Register.

They can be used in rural stores that accept Visa, but residents are encouraged to buy locally.

Thousands of Californians have already received payments worth up to $1,100 as part of the latest rollout of Golden State’s stimulus program.

Residents living in areas with zip codes ending in 585-719 will receive their payment by post between now and December 17.


For those living in districts with zip codes ending in 720-927, the time frame is December 13 – December 31.

The California Franchise Tax Board says residents will likely wait up to three weeks for their payment after it has been sent.

By the end of 2021, at least nine million people will receive a stimulus check from the state.

It’s possible that Californians will get another round of stimulus next year thanks to $31 billion in excess funds.

And more than 500,000 Americans in Maine will receive a $285 incentive check.

The state’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services began issuing these checks on Nov. 15 and will continue to send them through the end of the year.

Republican lawmakers in Illinois have proposed a bonus incentive check to help the state’s struggling residents.

If it becomes law, individual taxpayers earning less than $75,000 would receive a check for $200, while the amount is $400 for joint filers earning less than $150,000, according to WCIA.

In addition, most families receive payments of up to $300 per child as part of the final installment of child tax advances.

The last checks will be sent on December 15th.

Some parents raise a larger amount if they register for the tax credits later.

Up to $1,800 can be claimed when tax returns are filed next year.

New ‘stimulus check’ is coming your way, make sure you are registered for child discount

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