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Tips for talking to children about the new COVID-19 variant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mental health experts offer advice on how to talk to children about the ommicron variant of COVID-19.

Christina Low Kapalu, a child psychologist at Children’s Mercy Hospital, has five key tips for talking about COVID-19:

  1. Practice self-care and check in with your own responses so they don’t spill over onto your child and overflow what you want to say.
  2. See what your child knows about the new variant before you tell them about it.
  3. Admit what you do and don’t know about Omicron.
  4. Take into account your child’s developmental level and simplify the information if necessary.
  5. Talk about a layered approach to security.

“I like to use the analogy of when it rains what to do when you want to go out. So maybe we should take some steps to stay dry. Maybe we should put on a raincoat or use our boots or an umbrella or a parka and all that.” those things together allow us to get out in the rain so we can use that layered protection against managing this new journey,” Kapalu explained.

Children’s Mercy has several resources available, including interactive parent-child training, behavioral services, and psychiatric nurses.

They also offer a program to help parents and teens called Prepped and Ready.