Tom Brady returns to practice and to social media

NFL: AUGUST 10 Buccaneers Dolphins Joint Practice

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After 11 days of radio silence, Tom Brady returned to both football practice and social media.

In a couple of Twitter posts, after nearly three weeks of silence, Brady posted a collage of teammates from practice that read “missed you.”

He also retweeted a video of a man riding a motorcycle wearing only a helmet and underwear, with the following message: “Didn’t see the masked singer last week. Was wearing a mask.”

It’s weird in our opinion that Brady would immediately turn back to his habit of posting sassy social media content, largely as part of an effort to get people to buy Brady-branded clothes. (Not related, buy) Gamemakers.) He chose silence during his 11-day absence, which remains a mystery. Now he’s back pretending it doesn’t matter?

Yes, he was gone for personal reasons. But he basks in the glow of a whole public life and constantly uses it to sell things. The whole situation cries out for answers that we will never, ever get why he got up and left the training camp for almost two weeks.

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