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Travis Scott ‘wasn’t aware of Astroworld deaths until the next morning’

Travis Scott was not aware of the deaths in Astroworld until the next morning

Travis Scott’s lawyer has claimed that the rapper was unaware of the extent of the damage that occurred during the Astroworld tragedy.

Speak with Good morning AmericaThe rapper’s attorney, Edwin F. McPherson, said the news of nine deaths at the fatal Houston concert “definitely did not reach” Scott.

He added that there was “clearly a systemic malfunction that we need to get to the bottom of before we start pointing the finger at anyone.”

“In fact,” he claimed, “half an hour later we saw footage of the police just walking around and not looking like a mass casualty.”

“But the most important thing is that it never got to Travis, it never got to Travis’ crew. He’s trying to perform up there; he doesn’t have any ability to know what’s going on below, especially at the mass level,” he said. . McPherson during the interview.

The attorney added: “Travis didn’t understand the full effect of everything until the next morning. He really didn’t know what was going on,” adding moments where Scott stopped to check on fans during the performance.

“Understand that when he’s on stage and he has flashlights going off around him and he has an ear monitor with music blasting through it and his own voice, he can’t hear anything, he can’t see anything.”

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