Twitter whistleblower testifies before Senate committee

In his testimony Tuesday, Peiter Zatko was mistaken when he told Senator Jon Ossoff that Twitter had accidentally leaked the personal information of 50 million employees, according to Whistleblower Aid, the organization that provides Zatko with legal representation.

“The 50 million figure was a misstatement and Mudge will correct the committee,” said John Tye, Zatko’s attorney and founder of Whistleblower Aid. The correct number, he added, is reflected in Zatko’s original disclosure to the US government.

That filing claims that 20,000, not 50 million, current and former Twitter employees have been affected by data breaches involving the company.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Zatko claimed that an internal incident report found that 50 million employees were affected by such breaches, and that Zatko was confused by the figure because Twitter does not have 50 million employees, but does have extensive data on current and former employees it does not remove.

Twitter has previously said it has about 7,000 current employees.

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