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US and China step up military talks to ease tensions

A National Security Council spokesman said that during his summit with Xi, Biden raised the importance of managing strategic risks and putting in place crash barriers to avoid miscalculations and misconceptions. The spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the government remains interested in contacts with appropriate military counterparts, but stressed that no such engagement has yet taken place.

The silence of the counterparts

After nearly nine months in office, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has yet to speak with his counterpart from China’s Defense Ministry, a government organization that formally represents the Chinese military to the world but does not have the power of the Communist Central Military Commission. Side.

Asked about the prospect of high-level talks, Pentagon officials pointed to a briefing on Nov. 16, when Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the Biden administration is looking for “ways we can work with with e.g. China on climate” and “we” I would like nothing more than to be able to discourage any conflict or miscalculation”.

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

After their virtual summit this week, Xi and Biden agreed in principle to talk again, but the US did not ask for a specific date or time, the person said.

The agreement to strengthen ties between the countries’ militaries marks a step towards restoring regular channels of high-level communication between them.

US officials have long complained that the kind of highly orchestrated, formal dialogue Beijing prefers is unproductive. Former President Donald Trump cut most regular high-level talks, with the exception of trade talks.

The Biden administration has thus far been cautious about reworking previous formats for talks. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in July that she and her staff have no intention of reviving the regular US-China economic dialogue cut off by Trump.


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