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US-China renegotiate trade pact, find ways to coexist, says NSA Jake Sullivan

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CNN that the US has stopped trying to change China and is also looking for ways to coexist. Sullivan revealed that the US and China are currently negotiating Trump’s trade pact. He added that the talks are not just about product rights, but across the spectrum of trade arrangements.

To further clarify the issue, US President Joe Biden’s adviser stated: “The aim of the Biden administration is to shape the international environment so that it is more favorable to the interests and values ​​of the United States and its allies. and partners, for like-minded democracies. It is not intended to bring about a fundamental transformation of China itself,” Sputnik reported.

Jake Sullivan Talks US-China Policy

Sullivan believes that one of the shortcomings of previous approaches to policy toward China was the idea that US policy would fundamentally change the Chinese system. According to Sputnik, “The goal of America’s China policy is to create a circumstance in which two great powers will have to operate in an international system in the near future,” he added.

National Security Advisor further said that Washington will ensure that all these parameters reflect the goals of the US and its partners and that it will create the “international traffic rules” that reflect their principles.

US-China trade has soared

Meanwhile, according to Sputnik, the Chinese General Administration of Customs quoted, US-China trade and commerce increased by 33.4% from January to October this year than the same period in 2020. According to reports, trade between the United States has increased. States and China China was $609,939 billion in the first 10 months of 2021. In addition, Chinese exports to the United States increased by 31.7%, amounting to $465,305 billion in January-October 2021. Meanwhile, US exports to China increased by 39% at a cost of $144,634 billion.

Despite serious trade conflicts between the two largest economies, trade between the US and China rose 8.3% last year to $586 billion. In addition, China’s state-run Global Times reported that economic expansion with the US slowed in October compared to the previous month of this year. The stats were apparently provided by Chinese customs on Sunday as the phase one trade deal between China and the US progresses as the January 2022 deadline approaches.

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