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US-China trade talks – “starting from scratch”?

How can a nation save itself from repeated mistakes? Why do huge opportunities losses arise from not having national entrepreneurship mobilization as a safety net and not creating highly educated citizens? The intentions are always there, but why manage differently? The money is always spent, but in which direction? How long will a trillion dollar aid injected into a money-addicted mindset last? What are some immediately deployable solutions?

Erasing micro-production and micro-trade; while exporting industrial plants is what once brought powerful nations to their knees. If the numbers don’t add up, breaking the calculator is a logical option. Need today, dedicated markup of talented productivity colliding with innovative excellence under entrepreneurial savvy to push global game-changers out of garage doors? Is this rocket science or common sense?

Humanity’s problems are now seeking humanity’s solution; to decipher this Babel, deeper studies of such facts, already neglected by the timid academic world, are now a prerequisite for a better attunement of modes of thought, a cry of the times. Study the history of the e-commerce revolution. How brains and decorum let go to build. Open the garage doors further. Climate change issues are better served by innovative excellence from a job creation mindset, not by multibillion-dollar PR and case studies proving who’s right and who’s wrong. They are all confused, while the doom is visible.

The entrepreneurial era is once again a bleak rise, The pandemic recovery is a severe test for our civilization. Gummies flavored tasty vaccines aren’t the definitive answers yet. Fighting forward-thinking business ideas on real tactical battlefields of real value-creating ventures and rolling wildly in sandboxes is where future growth is hidden.

Nouveau working life as a professional hobbyist on the toboggan runs change mindset in real time and go all out on an adventure. This is, of course, extremely frightening to the traditional gold watchers, but extremely fruitful for youthful masses without any direction. Study the last 100 greatest entrepreneurs how they accidentally stumbled upon an idea. Mistakes and failures are not a problem for entrepreneurs because they never hide it, other ways of thinking do. Study deeply.

After the second World War, the survivors caused the greatest entrepreneurial turnaround ever. The e-commerce revolution was not an academic case study, it was born in garages as thousands of young tech of the era, like Jobs and Gates, played with technologies and moved mountains. South East Asian entrepreneurship took off suddenly after 2000, when experienced, educated and free-spirited immigrants returned to their home countries while America treated them with suspicious eyes at airports, offices and society.

This post-pandemic gathering of displaced people on Mars is the largest ever in human history; most are already out of the box. Most have no idea of ​​the future, an entrepreneurial streak of openness. To manage such stories any academic psycho mumbo jumbo will fail. Which countries are bold and smart enough to harness their entrepreneurial power? If you let them migrate from nation to nation, will that only tear the host countries apart and split them up? Which country has spoken out enough about such agendas to frontline teams? Which countries are busier in acquiring more riot gear? What is holding back national debates and realistic estimates of disasters? What are the following direct entry gates and trails?

Such advances are not the intellectualism of political science based mainly on Machiavellian treachery and now turned into crypto tyrannies; this is more of a common sense revolution based on rebuilding the wealth from the grassroots and creating real value-based economic development models. Despite its random invisibility, entrepreneurship is much more disciplined behavior from risky adventure to perfection. Such a fine art of business expansion with battlefield scars with only straight-line mentality is a serious mistake.

These subcutaneous entrepreneurial movements are only visible to “job creators” and now expanding to “job seekers” with positive options. Few selected leaders and regions are aware of such transitions, the rest are still waiting for their gong shows for their moment. The COP26, G&, G20 all speak volumes. Best replay the events. The global economy is poised for a modest change with small businesses turning out to be big companies, to offer a fresh perspective on the next cabinet meetings. Worshiping big corporations is good, but giving them a full set of keys to the house is not wise.

Why Brainwashing Suddenly Reversed; all over the world, all kinds of leaders already believe that they have bewitched the world’s people, but how wrong. The garbage-in-garbage-out social media education systems designed for masses of the world are now surprisingly in reverse order to chemically cleanse the brain. Finally, the public discovered their weaknesses and limitations, as well as their own hidden potential while surrounded by broken systems.

The 500-day isolation created a whole new wisdom. The stories of whistleblowers further confirmed what the public already knew. For decades, neither mainstream education nor the media and political narratives have contributed anything significant to uniting the bourgeoisie. The split of all groups of societies, pushed in successive events to become entangled in maddening battles of their own inner sanctuaries, while ignoring root causes and crumbling reality. The masses are increasingly aware of misguided flamethrowers.

master the words; control over thoughts, actions, and results. The billions, displaced, replaced, misplaced on the march are not amused. They now have better words of their own. Today there are no more words about coffee mugs, t-shirt slogans and election buttons. This also goes beyond the teleprompter rhetoric and election promises, for this is when humanity is faced with problems of human magnitude. Truth is the only sword left to the populace and common sense the only logical wisdom to guide. Duck is no longer the swan.

Diplomas and bureaucratic experiences have little or no value, more personality and attitude tests were needed to match skills and abilities, as the mindset about determining the future must now reflect futuristic literacy. Failed and struggling nations inflicting their own damage all line up in their respective rows of winners and losers. Technology has created the hyper-telescopic capabilities to observe and expose a country’s performance levels in real time. It is those bureaucracies that are still stuck in the old time zone mentality. The tightness of performance requirements will test skills on the road. Without diversity, tolerance and social justice, societies stand still under dark clouds. Entrepreneurship is a proven track for the job creation mindset. The mentality of job seekers will grow, create and create harmonious prosperity. Study in depth how national entrepreneurship mobilization elevates local regions and stabilizes economies.

Why is this happening in 2022? Western economies, the new world of officeless, jobless societies now need a new mobilization strategy to transform millions of once powerful office workers now either depressed or angry, marching slowly down the major boulevards of the nations. The dark clouds over the inner city are now juggling new working models, while the rise of populism in closed-door discussions is a hot topic. There is no mass layoff, it is all about adjusting mindsets and exploring new options as Covidians are now more experienced in evaluating better alternatives.

What will help? As an economic survival strategy in this vacuum, none other than entrepreneurship should take center stage and fill in voids where the art of national mobilization of entrepreneurship on digital platform economies turns into a science as a model of success. Today, engaging the confused working citizen with real value creation options with authoritative solutions and entrepreneurial blood to transfuse the lingering economies are the critical missing links.

Who should understand entrepreneurship mobilization? Nations around the world have tried to create entrepreneurship but often failed. However, these same countries were able to create well-trained armies and senior officers because they were all trained in tactical combat on the battlefield and by veterans with real experiences. Soldiers don’t make pictures of battlefields on whiteboards and run around with water pistols. They practice real life situations, repeat, practice and live the battles. The job seeker brain builds organizations, but it is the job seeker mindset that produces the ideas and implementations necessary to create that organization’s existence in the first place. A massive shift to understanding entrepreneurship is necessary and as a battlefield and not a whiteboard post-it dance. This is a war of mindsets, take it or leave it.

Which countries are ready? Are there enough trade groups, chambers of commerce and trade associations eager to play in these digitally advanced and globally friendly marketplaces? Out of a minuscule number, around the world, obsolete trading groups are in rapid transformation, so that they too would become shiny butterflies for the new global era. There is an urgent need for a profound transformation of extraordinary proportions to help the national work disability imbalance and shifts to new paths. There is a need for openly discussed fears of massive upskilling and reskilling and different outcomes.

What are the challenges of 2022? What will it take to transform the nation’s frontline economic development agencies to close the circle around job creators and job seekers and discover magic in combinations? Will this take away the mindset of external trade wars towards internal skills wars to upskill, upskill, internal citizens? Will this bring all trade groups under one big umbrella with global digital demands and entrepreneurship as the main drivers? Will it transform the old conflict-based disputed mindsets? Is it possible that we have re-entered an ‘age of curiosity’ where extreme uniqueness and originality will survive.

What are the amazing facts? The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. Fact: The enterprising and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks. Fact: The new global skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links. Finally, why is the national mobilization of entrepreneurship blocked by whom and for what misunderstanding?

The rest is simple.