‘US hybrid war against China, Russia reaches fever level’
‘US hybrid war against China, Russia reaches fever level’

‘US hybrid war against China, Russia reaches fever level’

The US hybrid war against China and Russia reaches a fever level as the US seeks to expand the total war to Beijing, according to a US political analyst and writer.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Tuesday that the United States and its Western allies must take a cautious and united approach to controlling China and its business practices.

“We have a common interest in encouraging China to refrain from economic practices that have put us all at a disadvantage,” Yellen said in a speech to the Brussels Economic Forum in Brussels. Associated Press reported.

A meeting of finance ministers for the group of seven leading economies will be held in Bonn, Germany, this week.

Yellen on Tuesday held a meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, where she said they discussed “critical issues related to energy security, Ukraine’s economic needs and continued coordination to impose sanctions on Russia.”

Daniel Patrick Welch said he felt overwhelmed by the flow of similar news. “Wow. It’s really hard to be at the forefront of the news cycle: every time I turn around, I’m confronted with a news story about the US war on everyone and everything. Now they trot Yellen out instead of Blinken, even though they both do the same thing. basically dirty work, ”he said.

“It’s a creative one-two-stroke, but the script is getting old,” Welch continued. “The story they are floating is that Russia is a big, bad military threat, so that’s it. [US Sec’y of State Antony] Blinken eller [US War Sec’y Lloyd] Austin’s guarantor. China is the big bad economic threat, so that’s it [Treasur Sec’y Janet] Yellen’s turn.

But the American analyst claimed that it is all one big must-play. “They are trying to hide, or at least point out, the fact that they are in a death struggle, a complete hybrid war against Russia and China, what they represent in combination, and anyone who allies with them in on any way, ”he elaborated.

“The great irony is that Yellen is going to Poland and going on and on, that we are all in the same boat against ‘China’s tricks’, whatever that means. But the United States, by forcing the Ukraine crisis, is precisely the one that put the Europeans in this boat. All signs pointed (and still are pointing) to unstoppable Eurasian integration. “

Welch continued: “The imperial interests of the United States have been desperate to derail Europe’s, especially Germany’s, growing tendency to adapt more independently with Russia and, by extension, China. “The truth is, it’s a bit of a Hail Mary passport, a last resort to prevent – or at least interrupt – the landslide to its own death.”

And the desperate move worked in one sense, Welch said. “There was no other way they would stop NordStream 2, and that pipeline would have (and will) start changing everything. After effectively isolating Europe in a transparent move to make it more dependent on the United States, the same officials are wasting now no time to pretend to plan with their co-‘offers’ how to unite against China, just as they have done against Russia. “

“Cynicism has basically no limits,” Welch argues, “there is nothing they will not do from threatening the Solomon Islands about the security deal with China; intervening in Pakistan against Imran Khan, encouraging Taiwan to buy more ‘effective’ weapons; to send even more troops to Somalia … All this against drums from the death and carnage they have rained over the world for decades, and all this is topped off by training and letting actual Nazis act as their agents in Ukraine, and basically recreate the SS “They are the very last people to dare to talk about morality or tell other countries how to act. Shame on them,” he concluded.

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