US reaches 1 million COVID-19 deaths
US reaches 1 million COVID-19 deaths

US reaches 1 million COVID-19 deaths

The United States reached a tragic milestone: 1 million COVID-19 deaths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Monday.

The United States is believed to be the first nation to reach 1 million COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Globally, the virus is thought to be the cause of over 6 million deaths.

According to federal data, total U.S. deaths increased by nearly 19% (535,191) between 2019 and 2020, from 2,854,838 to 3,390,029 in the United States. The increase in total deaths was the largest in the United States in 100 years.

The U.S. death toll in 2021 remained just as high despite the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. COVID-19 was considered by the government to be the third leading cause of death in 2020 and 2021, behind heart disease and cancer.

COVID-19 deaths over the past two years have peaked in the middle of winter – the United States had an average of more than 4,000 COVID-19 deaths per day during the peak of January 2021 and about 3,000 virus deaths per day during the peak of January 2022.

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden ordered the flag to be waved at half-staff until last Sunday to honor those who lost their lives to COVID-19.

Biden has called for additional funds to combat the pandemic, including money for vaccines, tests and medication.

“As a nation, we must not become numb to such grief,” Biden said. “To heal, we must remember. We must remain vigilant in the face of this pandemic and do everything we can to save as many lives as possible, as we have done with more tests, vaccines and treatments than ever before. It is It is vital that Congress sustains these resources in the coming months. “

Biden has called for an additional $ 10 billion in funds intended to combat the next phase of the pandemic. The White House says funding for topics like tests and vaccinations that have been made available to Americans for free could run dry.

Congressional Republicans say they will not fund COVID-19 programs unless the Biden administration agrees to roll back Title 42, which speeds up deportations at the U.S. border.

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