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US Social Security left 500,000 vulnerable people unattended

The fact that 500,000 disabled Americans have been left behind is shocking and should spark a discussion about this agency’s actions, the paper condemned.

The 1,200 SSA offices have been closed for 20 months, which has had devastating effects on the disabled with low or no income, unstable housing or poor English skills.

According to The Hill analysts Jonathan Stein and David A. Weaver, this lengthy shutdown is preventing those people from filing petitions and calls to correct bureaucratic mistakes.

This situation has led to an unprecedented decline in the number of individuals receiving Social Security benefits or supplemental income, the experts explained.

In fiscal 2021, SSA benefits to the disabled and their families decreased by 25 percent compared to 2019.

SSI disability benefits, given to people without a long work background, fell even more (30 percent).

The SSA admitted that decline is a problem and acknowledged that, a month after the offices closed in March 2020, applications for assistance by adults of retirement age and parents of disabled children had been reduced by more than half compared to the figures for the previous year.